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Content Writer/Producer for Digital Delivery: Sites, Blog Posts, White Papers, Case Studies, Videos

Writing for online delivery requires a specialized approach. It should have a specific action goal and directly address the needs of the visitor. I’ve written a brief piece covering these best practices.

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It’s different out there…

Today, the customer process of searching for and evaluating potential solutions is much more sophisticated. Prospective customers have widespread access to information, including reputation, via social media and the Internet. Those customers are now looking for concrete, actionable information that is easy to access and free from self-serving hype. And they want it before they will even consider contacting you. If your marketing doesn’t reflect these changes, you’re leaving money on the table.


I am a writer and marketer who specializes in creating content for delivery online via the web and mobile. This site was created to serve as CV of my work in marketing, as a writer and as a source of information about various projects I am involved with. Please use the navigation links above for more specific information regarding each of these interests. And thanks for considering my work!

Rochester, NY-based Digital Content Writer and Strategist

While I am based in Western New York, I am available for projects anywhere, if it is a good mutual fit.


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