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We all know the value of a top freelancer, be they a designer, a video producer, a photographer, or yes, a writer. Most agencies have in-house talent for many of these disciplines but most also try to build a roster of go-to freelancers who are fast, savvy, and reliable. As a former client-side marketing lead and consultant, I have tried to find talent that fits those criteria for my own resource list. And I know it is not easy. The best are busy…because they are the best!

Sophistication is no longer measured by cleveness

In a region like Western NY, finding the best contributors and collaborators can be a challenge. To some degree it’s a numbers game- simply not enough of a pool to choose from. However, the bigger problem is sophistication. Writers, in particular, are playing a different role today than when they were primarily writing catchy ad copy and campaign concepts. Today’s writers require technological sophistication, a clear of understanding of discovery-based buyer research, and how to optimize, via analytics, to target likely prospects. In other words, writers are inherently strategists, especially in B2B marketing.

Strategically-driven, analytics-based, highly useful content

Impulse buying is no longer the game. Prospective buyers do their homework, long before you know of their existence or interest. They look for information that can lead them to a rational buying process. They look for reputation based on reviews, social verification, and testimonials. As a writer, these are the primary considerations for any cohesive content campaign I develop. This requires the ability to quickly get up to speed as a subject matter expert, clear understanding of current technology, and the ability to develop peer rapport with the reader.

This is what I bring to the table for your agency.