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Independent Marketing Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your marketing is really accomplishing what it should?

Do you know how it looks to those seeking solutions like those you provide?

Think about how you make buying decisions.

You have a problem.

You start searching for a solution, once that problem becomes pressing.

When you find a potential solution, you do your homework to see what other users think of it. You may ask for references, read reviews or ask your associates what they think. You probably don’t look at ads or care much about logos, tag lines or marketing pitches unless they contribute to your understanding of the value of the product or service and the company providing it.

Makes sense, right? Now ask yourself: Is our marketing delivering the concrete, benefit-oriented information about our product that our prospective customers need when they are searching? Does it convey our reputation?

I can help you answer that question and help you get an outside perspective. In my work with companies like iCardiac Technologies, CaterTrax, Techrigy and others, I have had the advantage of an outside perspective. It doesn’t mean I simply critique your existing marketing. It means I have to become your customer, reproduce their needs and experience what it is like trying to learn if your solution is the right one for me. There’s work involved and that is my specialty.

(BTW, the process of searching and evaluating described above is much more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago because of widespread access to information, via search, and about reputations, via social media. If your marketing doesn’t reflect these changes, you’re leaving money on the table)

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The Purpose of Marketing Is Generating Leads and Managing Your Reputation

You will not hear a lot of marketing buzzwords from me because I simply think they are unnecessary. Marketing in this century is not about branding, advertising or throwing your message at the customer. People with problems to solve, AKA ‘customers’, find solutions by searching and researching. In other words, you need them to find you, assuming you offer a solution that works for them. My approach is to make that easy and to ensure the when they check you out, your reputation does not scare them away. How do we accomplish those goals?

> By providing useful information about your solution, how it works, why it is preferable and the benefits they will receive from choosing it

> By ensuring that satisfied customers tell the world about their experience and unsatisfied customers are turned into satisfied customers, methodically

> By making every contact with your company or organization as hassle-free and helpful as possible

> Finally, by tracking the success of our efforts with metrics, analytics, sales and referral rates


Rochester, NY-based Digital Content Writer and Strategist

While I am based in Western New York, I am available for projects anywhere, if it is a good mutual fit.


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