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How I Can Help Your Business

I do contract/freelance marketing and writing for businesses in growth mode. I have extensive experience in both marketing and writing, including digital marketing, WordPress website development and writing, non-fiction books and inbound content strategies designed to generate qualified leads. I do not do technical writing (documentation).

Content Development and Distribution

I take a two step approach to every writing project. First I lay out a series of content projects designed to help your prospective customers discover your solutions and do their initial research. It is important to note that today’s prospects do not want to contact you for information- they want access to solid facts about your business, your products and services, and your reputation, before they reach out. This changes the entire sales and marketing processes. No hype, no pressure, no cold calling. And the leads that result are better qualified.

Second, this content is produced and published on your website/blog and then it is repurposed in multiple places including:

  • Social media: Facebook (if applicable), LinkedIn, Industry blogs and media sites, press releases, email newsletters, etc. You want a person doing discovery to find your information everywhere they look.
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content advertising. This is very cost effective and offers targeting options no other media can offer because of LinkedIn extensive databases. This targeting includes, but is not limited to:
    • Job Title
    • Company Size
    • Business Sector
    • Geolocation
    • And more
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content generates excellent metrics on who accesses the content based on the above targeting criteria.

How I Work

First I learn your business and profile your customers, with your help. Then I work with you to design a content strategy including tactical content development, a timeline and a budget. We do an assessment of your website and current content and fix any problems we encounter. We begin building and publishing your content library. Analytics are checked on a daily or weekly basis to help us determine next steps.

I work in Google Docs for its superior collaboration tools and am an experienced WordPress developer for both content and architecture. I do not code, not do I do graphic design, though I have resources for both.

I can work with your marketing team as a consultant or simply provide writing services. I charge by the project or, if it warrants it, on a retainer basis.

First Steps

The first step is a call or email to set up an exploratory meeting, either in-person or via a conference call. The purpose is to determine if this is a good match. There is, of course, no charge for this initial consultation.

Martin Edic

Building a Content Library

This content strategy weaves together a variety of content types:

  • Website content. Structuring this properly for the way users consume information online is critical. Read my Best Practices brief for details.
  • Blog content
  • White Papers. These get routed up to decisionmakers if they are done well.
  • Case Studies. Critical to credibility, reputation, and as examples of how others have benefited from using your products or services.
  • Press Releases. These must contain newsworthy stories to be most effective. Sounds obvious but the vast majority are not newsworthy.
  • Newsletters. Generally these compile the most recent month’s online content.
  • Webinars. There is a formula for success with these denser information sessions.
  • SlideShare. This is a LinkedIn company where you can share decks on any topic. It is a remarkably effective way to get many views of your message from people looking for a solution, if done correctly. Unfortunately too many marketers simply post decks intended to go with a spoken presentation that don’t make sense on a standalone basis.
  • Explainer Video scripts and animation production. As a rule these are under two minutes and stick to a specific message. They can be extremely effective because they are easy to digest, share, and appeal to those who prefer viewing to reading.

I list a comprehensive content set because building one up is building an asset that will pay off for years to come. You are creating a library that your sales and executive team can pull from for each scenario they encounter.

Everything must be search-engine friendly and measurable via analytics. Successful tactics are expanded upon and less successful are dropped.

Rochester, NY-based Digital Content Writer and Strategist

While I am based in Western New York, I am available for projects anywhere, if it is a good mutual fit.


Lucia Martin 5-15Martin Edic

Rochester, NY USA

1 585-727-9489

martin.edic at gmail





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